slap your eyeballs on a new 500D Cordura variant

In constructing and ordering supplies for my latest pack, I stumbled across a fabric I hadn’t seen before. It’s not groundbreaking, but I thought it warranted a spotlight nonetheless. After buying and handling samples, it looks good and feels easy to work with, and should be plenty burly for everything outside of the most demandingContinue reading “slap your eyeballs on a new 500D Cordura variant”

this pack’s better

And it packs better. I’ve been “reading” through Dave Chenault’s blog recently. Actually, I discovered how to get google to read me articles and have been audiobooking my way through his back catalog over the past month or so. I’m still only to about 2011 and have many many posts to go, but most ofContinue reading “this pack’s better”

Cross-body update: one for a friend

Highlight photo is a shot of Matt and I in the headwaters of Little Elk Lake Creek in the Marble Mountains. (photo by our friend Julia) Are you sensing a theme? There are a few things that help me get projects done. Either I need it for an upcoming adventure, or I’ve promised a friendContinue reading “Cross-body update: one for a friend”

The Backpack? Not quite

It started as it always does: with an idea. I wanted to lighten my pack for the 2022 iteration of the Bob Marshall Wilderness open. I didn’t want to spend $400+ on a very nice backpack from any number of excellent small, cottage pack-makers. I did want it to be lighter and smaller than myContinue reading “The Backpack? Not quite”