Dirt bike frame bag update

You may have seen my first ever post, detailing ideas I had for a frame bag to put on my bicycle. It’s been over a year and a half since that post, and I have not kept up the frequency of posting I had planned initially. Who would’ve guessed. I now find myself looking atContinue reading “Dirt bike frame bag update”

Gravel Bike Frame Bag

This frame bag must be able to do the following:
– Mount snugly within the front triangle of my gravel bike (I’ll write a post on the bike soon)
– Hold snacks & food for 60+ miles, arm warmers/rain jacket, external battery pack for lights & phone, maybe some tools as well
– Be able to be unzipped and re-zipped with one hand while riding
– Be mostly water/weatherproof
– Allow me to access my water bottles